The Six Books I’m Reading This Summer

It is somehow almost July, which means it is past time for my Six Books of Summer. Since I have some new readers, I wanted to quickly recap the theory behind this annual post, which goes like this: My to-read list is impossibly long. Intriguing books and must-reads come at a rate that far outpaces my time to read them, and so in my early years of teaching I spent my summers desperately trying to read as many books as possible in the vain attempt to catch up on my list. The issue with this was that even when I kept up a frantic pace, my list never shrank as much as I hoped and I often ended the summer feeling less recharged and a bit fuzzier on the details of many of the books than I’d like.

My approach now is to prioritize. Instead of reading twenty or thirty books, I read six–one per week–and I take my time and really enjoy, process, and think through the books. I have been doing this now for three years, and the result has been far so much more meaningful and satisfying than my old I-have-to-read-them-all method.

I also encourage you readers to discuss the books with me; some of my favorite blog-related conversations have happened over previous summer book choices.

So without further preamble, here is my 3rd annual list of the six books I’m reading this summer. It is out later than I normally like, but with everything happening in the world I needed a little extra time to regroup before getting back on the keyboard. I hope you enjoy.

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