Ways to Upgrade Feedback This Year Part 2: Two-Way Flash Feedback

In my first ever video at the start of the week, I discussed the importance of feedback literacy, which is where we teach students how to receive and use feedback. My second video today is a new spin on an old favorite of mine: two-way flash feedback, or the idea that while we should find ways to give quick, meaningful feedback to students, we should also find ways to get quick, meaningful feedback from them too.

I also wanted to let you know that these videos are beta tests for my on-demand course on feedback, whose first cohort will begin in a few months. If you are enjoying them and finding them helpful, look for more information about the course soon.

Without any further preamble though, here is two-way flash feedback:

Thanks as always for reading/watching, and for those longing for a good old fashioned words-on-a-page post, there is one lined up for Monday that features my first essay of the week for this year.

Yours in teaching,


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