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Along with teaching 150+ students in literature and composition classes each year, I speak and conduct workshops across the country and world on topics that include:

  • Better, faster, and more equitable feedback practices
  • Flash Feedback practices
  • The essential role of feedback in remote learning
  • Best practices in grammar and rhetoric instruction
  • Building metacognitive learners
  • Improving student motivation and academic identities
  • Increasing student retention through thoughtful revisiting and reflection
  • Upgrading essay, narrative, and research paper instruction
  • Teaching students the writing process
  • How to make classroom writing and reading more authentic
  • Conducting meaningful, regular conferences when one has 150+ students
  • Writing and literacy instruction basics for new teachers

If you are interested in having me come to your school/district/conference for a keynote or workshop or would like more information, please contact me. As a full-time teacher, my availability is limited, but I would love to connect and help you with your writing and literacy goals!