Who Am I?


I am a father, husband, and English teacher at a public magnet school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For much of the last decade I have wondered how it is possible to simultaneously fill all of those roles well, as each one by itself often feels as if it would require nearly all of my time to do right. This problem, and a deep sense that writing instruction in our country has a lot of areas where it needs significant improvement, has led me to the farthest corners of the writing instruction world in an effort to be more efficient and effective with my writing instruction. The answers I’ve found and the ways they’ve changed my life both in and out of school are found in my weekly newsletter, The Re-Write Blog. I hope it helps you to be a better teacher, parent, partner, and friend to all those in your life.

New for NCTE17!

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Click here to get Matt’s e-guide on research and best practices when providing feedback to student writing. Topics covered include how to get students to care more about and learn more from feedback, how to lessen feedback time without sacrificing quality, and how to use feedback to build the classroom culture.

You’ll also get access to new weekly articles surrounding ways to be more effective and efficient with your writing instruction.


More about Matt

Matt just started his 11th year in the classroom. He has taught every grade 7-12, written a book for new teachers, contributes to Edutopia and Principal Leadership magazine, and taught in both private and public schools. He also regularly delivers district and county professional development and has given keynotes and workshops at a wide range of conferences, universities, and districts. Matt is also an avid cook, gardener, surfer, and hockey player, though he tries to spend most of his non teaching and writing time enjoying life in his little college town with his wonderful wife and daughter.