Matthew M. Johnson is a writing teacher from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is also a father, husband, writer, speaker, runner, and gardener/cook. Over the last decade, he has read, thought, and written about how teachers can balance their teaching–especially when it comes with huge stacks of papers–with all of the other important roles they play in their lives. This problem along with an understanding that writing instruction in our country is in need of significant improvement drive his weekly newsletter The Re-Write Blog, whose goal is to help teachers become more efficient and more effective with their writing instruction, so they can be better parents, partners, and friends to all those in their lives.

Matt’s work has been published by Principal Leadership, Edutopia, ASCD, National Writing Project, and Norton. He has also written a book for new teachers from Rowman & Littlefield and is working on a book about feedback for Corwin Literacy called Flash Feedback: Responding to Student Writers Better and Faster–Without Burning Out.