Professional Development from a Practicing Classroom Teacher

While I am a practicing classroom teacher, I lead a select amount of professional development as well. 

Why Hire Me? 

  • I am a full-time teacher who also has a strong understanding of research. This combination of academic and practical knowledge means that I am attuned to the needs of teachers and able to help them to translate theory and research into their own practices. 
  • I am experienced, having led 100s of professional development sessions for schools, districts, ISDs, and organizations across the country and the world. 
  • I love teaching and working with teachers. No work is more essential than the work of educators, and I bring that effusive joy of being and helping teachers to everything I do. 
  • Having written for teaching audiences since 2010, I have a great sense for how to craft a workshop or keynote that gets teachers feeling excited, fulfilled, and like they have gained something important. 

Services Available:


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Matt is available for single or multi-day workshops throughout the year.


An energetic and experienced speaker, Matt can do keynotes for events of any size.

Made to Order

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The needs of each school/district/organization are different. Matt is happy to work with clients to create professional development that meets their specific needs.

While the needs of each class, school, and district are going to be slightly different, the larger topics I will be focusing on during the 2022-2023 school year are:

  • Feedback and Assessment
  • Best Practices in Writing Instruction
  • Positive Student Identity Cultivation 
  • Best Practices in Teaching Grammar and Rhetoric in Context
  • Building Independent, Reflective, Metacognitive Learners
  • Essay, Narrative, and Research Paper Instruction
  • How to Make Classroom Writing and Reading More Authentic
  • Conducting Meaningful, Regular Conferences When One Has A Lot of Students
  • ELA Basics for New Teachers

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