Flash Feedback

For ELA teachers, the danger of burnout is all too real. Inundated with seemingly insurmountable piles of papers to read, respond to, and grade, many teachers often find themselves struggling to balance differentiated, individualized feedback with the one resource they are already overextended on—time.

Matthew Johnson offers classroom-tested solutions that not only alleviate the feedback-burnout cycle, but also lead to significant growth for students. These time-saving strategies built on best practices for feedback help to improve relationships, ignite motivation, and increase student ownership of learning.

Answers to Your Biggest Questions About Teaching Middle & High School ELA

“Matthew Johnson, Dave Stuart Jr., and Matthew R. Kay have written a book to help navigate the burning questions early career teachers long to understand. From ways to build a community of learners to motivational instruction to feedback that works for students and teachers alike, these inspirational teachers share what it takes to craft a career for the long haul.”

– Andy Schoenborn, co-author of Creating Confident Writers: For High School, College, and Life


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