Introducing Camp Rewrite: A Summer Learning Opportunity Unlike Any Other

Since the fall of 2021, I have wanted to create a professional learning experience that explores what we’ve learned since the start of the pandemic while also countering the negativity, isolation, and bone-deep tiredness that have too often characterized the experience of educators in this young decade. Something that reimagines what education could be even as it grapples with the brave new world of the present. Something grounded in community to help make up for the communal spaces we’ve lost over the last three years. Something optimistic yet real, ambitious yet restorative, deep yet full of practical ready-for-the-classroom materials.

It turns out that I wasn’t the only one who has been thinking about this, so today I am happy to announce a collaboration with Moving Writers, Angela Stockman, and a host of other guests (including newsletter favorites like Matt Kay, Dave Stuart Jr., and Sarah Zerwin) that aims to do exactly that: Camp Rewrite.

In the spirit of the summer camps of old, Camp Rewrite is a summer-long pedagogical experience that will aim to be equal parts rejuvenation, reconnection, replenishing, and reimagining. The goal will be the pursuit of a better, more balanced, more inclusive teaching practice, together. Here are its specifics:

The Details

  • Each Monday (beginning June 19 and running through August 14), campers will receive a link to a recorded professional development session (approximately 1-hour) and materials from one of the hosts (Rebekah O’Dell, Angela Stockman, or me). You can watch these at your leisure over the 9 weeks of camp! The topics are:
    • Community Building in the ELA Classroom
    • Revising the Way We Teach Vocabulary to Meet the Needs of Readers + Writers 
    • Literacy for All and Caring at the Core
    • Revising the Way We Use Mentor Texts
    • Best Practices for Grammar/Language Study (A sneak peak at my new book)
    • Revising Independent Reading Practices
    • Feedback and Assessment
    • Multimodal Composition…and Comprehension
    • Pedagogical Documentation 

  • Campers will have the opportunity to chat with Rebekah, Angela, our special guests (see list coming up), each other, and me about that week’s professional development topic all week long via a Substack thread.

  • There will also be a whole bunch of fun surprises… 🙂

One of the core tenets of my professional learning work is to always strive to treat teacher time as the rare and valuable resource it is. The same is true for teacher money; the last couple decades have meant a lot of belt-tightening for many teachers and those who support them. Camp Rewrite will strive to be deeply mindful of both. For $180 (or $144 for those who sign up before May 5) you will get a full summer’s worth of thoughtful online courses, at least twelve webinars with some of the most exciting educators teaching today, a collection of resources that would cost many times that on Tpt, and a community of educators looking to recharge and grow as well. Further, if cost is an issue, let me know. Scholarships and reduced prices are available, as we want everyone who wants to do it to have the opportunity.

Here is a link to learn more about this unique summer learning experience and click here to sign up. I hope to see and learn with you there, and thanks as always for reading!

Yours in teaching,


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